RetailGPT Announced Partnership with Forum Malls

RetailGPT Announced Partnership with Forum Malls

Pathfinder and Forum Malls have announced a strategic partnership that promises to advance the retail industry significantly. This collaboration, introduced at the recently concluded Phygital Retail Convention, brings together Forum Mall’s extensive retail experience and Pathfinder’s innovative AI-powered digital platform, RetailGPT.

RetailGPT, developed by Pathfinder, extends the reach of physical stores into the digital space using Generative AI. This platform aims to enhance customer engagement and improve the shopping experience through personalized AI-driven interactions. Through this crucial partnership, RetailGPT will enable over 200+ brands at Forum Malls to access its ingenious ‘Just Prompt’ platform. The user only needs to provide a prompt, and RetailGPT will deliver personalized suggestions to them.

Sadique Ahmed, CEO of Pathfinder, emphasized the transformational impact of this partnership, “Our collaboration with leaders like Forum Malls signifies more than just technological integration; it marks a pivotal shift towards enhancing retail experiences across the industry. RetailGPT is to serve as a dynamic tool for the entire retail sector. This platform empowers retailers to achieve unprecedented levels of personalization and efficiency, ultimately driving their growth and success. It is our mission to support the retail community in navigating the complexities of today’s market dynamics with innovative solutions like RetailGPT. We are committed to partnering with the retail industry to achieve a new standard of customer experience and operational excellence.”

The advantage of this partnership for retailers is multifaceted. RetailGPT’s AI capabilities facilitate real-time personalized interactions, allowing retailers to offer customized shopping experiences that meet individual customer preferences. This level of personalization not only improves customer satisfaction but also promotes loyalty, faith, and repeat business. The platform’s integration into Forum Malls means that customers can enjoy a seamless blend of physical and digital shopping experiences. Customers can ask anything about the mall, such as, ‘Is there a PVR at Forum Mall? ‘, ‘ Dining options at Forum? ‘, or’ Is any sale active at Forum?’ Therefore, customers can leverage the phygital approach to save their time and energy.

Further, This strategic partnership between forum and pathfinders brings immense value to retailers who are integral part of the forum mall by acquiring customers, executing marketing strategies, prescriptive campaigns, events, instant gratification, personalized offers and promotions for shoppers ensuring that RetailGPT is effectively used to maximize benefits for both retailers and shoppers. As the Indian retail industry continues to evolve, collaboration like this between technology providers and shopping centers is poised to define the future of commerce. The RetailGPT and Forum Malls partnership serves as a model for how AI can be leveraged to create a more engaging, efficient, and personalized shopping experience.

Lastly, Ahmed expressed his sincere thanks to everyone at the launch and concluded, “This event has not only showcased what is achievable with RetailGPT but also highlighted the vibrant future of the retail industry. We are excited to see how each participant will leverage RetailGPT to elevate their business.

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