Raj Kundra is a tech start up investor

Entrepreneur Raj Kundra has invested an undisclosed amount into tech start up ArmsPrime Media. It’s a new age technology that helps celebrity and influencers build and monetize their own customized apps. What’s great about this technology is that it comes with multiple unique and customizable features from celebrity shout outs to merchandising, VOD and online stores. 3-4 celebrities have already signed up for its services. The company has been generating revenue of over $100k plus a month.

As per a media release, Raj Kundra has said, ‘ArmsPrime Media is really disruptive in nature, the features and back end technology this company offers for its celebrities and social media influencers to take control of their content is unparalleled. I have made a strategic investment in this company as I believe in the founder Saurabh Kushwah he has created a great product, which we will make excellent together.  Brands look for a way to target captive audiences and that exactly what we have. We will be launching over 15 celebrity apps this year alone and produce multiple unique branded IP shows with our partners. We have hired Meeta Jhunjhunwala who comes with a wealth of experience in celebrity and content management to head the business development of the company.

Founder, Saurabh Kushwah has been pleased with the reponse. He said, ‘I couldn’t have asked for a better strategic investor than Raj, his nexus and relationships in the media industry will be a great asset in scaling up the business. My key focus is the unique technology we have created and the level of customization we can do in break speed time. We give the power to celebrities to be able to monetize their own content, which now they currently give free on their social media platforms.

ArmsPrime Media has made a futuristic invention. With an outburst of Youtube and Instagram influencers, ArmsPrime help them be original by enabling them create and manage your own content. They even offer a 360 turnkey solution from designing your app along with customised features, content, production to marketing.





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