Digital Disruptors: Fintech BrandsTransforming India’s InvestmentScene

Digital Disruptors: Fintech Brands Transforming India's Investment Scene

India, the third-largest fintech market globally, is home to thousands of businesses using
technology to enhance and automate banking, lending, and investing among other finance
industries. The Indian fintech industry has greatly benefited from the increased public
awareness of financial technology.
After years of rapid expansion, fintech companies have entered an era of value creation
where the focus is on sustainable growth. Our fintech market is expected to cross $1
trillion by 2030.
Fintech brands transforming investing
Here’s a list of the digital disruptors—the brands shaping the future of finance by
redefining how we interact with money.

1 Zerodha

Zerodha is among the top fintech companies in India, which lets its users invest in stocks,
mutual funds and more. Commission-free mutual funds and a user-friendly interface have
helped the brand build a loyal investor base. Registered with SEBI, Zerodha strives to make
investing accessible to all.

2 PhonePe

While PhonePe is primarily a digital wallet and online payment app, it also allows its users
to invest, shop, and check their credit scores in one place. The renowned fintech company
boasts over 500 million registered users and is licenced by RBI.

3 Groww

Groww is a discount brokerage firm, registered with SEBI, that helps Indian millennials
invest their savings in financial products such as mutual funds, stocks, ETFs, IPOs, etc.

without hassles. The investing platform makes it easy for users to find products and make

4 StoxBox

StoxBox is one of the best trading apps in India that offers zero brokerage. The brand
stands out as the first value broker, offering quality services like expert stock market
insights without hidden costs. It lets its users invest in stocks, ETFs, O&Fs, etc. and provides
them with valuable stock recommendations. Moreover, StoxBox’s WhatsApp Trader
ensures a user-friendly interface, making trading effortless and accessible. It empowers the
users to capitalize on market opportunities as they arise. With StoxBox WhatsApp Trader
(SWT), traders can execute buy and sell orders seamlessly through WhatsApp and keep a
close eye on their portfolio’s performance. It also streamlines the onboarding process with
convenient KYC procedures via WhatsApp, ensuring a secure and compliant experience.

5. m.Stock

Mirae Asset Capital Markets (India) Private Limited, an established stock broker with a
brand legacy of over 25 years, launched its m.Stock trading app in 2022 and has attracted
over 8.5 lakh clients providing them benefits such as cumulative savings of over Rs. 145
crore in brokerage.
The global fund house has now come up with an industry-first model of 100% brokerage-
sharing with its sub-brokers through the Mirae Asset Partner Program. It aims to offer
more flexible financial services while enabling the hyper-expansion of its client base via the
m.Stock app.
To sum up
Through technological advancements, innovation, collaborative business models,
customer-centricity, and cross-skilled teams, fintech has completely changed the way we
bank, pay, insure, lend and invest. With new-age fintech companies like the ones
mentioned above, the Indian fintech industry has been able to attract global attention and
is set to take India’s growth to new heights.

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