Fintech company ‘Future1coin’ schedules ICO on 15 May 2018

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Future1coin targets high growth sectors like Global Cryptocurrency education market,  ICO Community voting system and Token advisory services

The success of Blockchain & Bitcoin depends largely on Cryptocurrency education and awareness amongst masses. Future1coin, who’s ICO is scheduled to be launched next week has identified an opportunity in this very segment. The company is founded and spearheaded by Mr. Kishore M, an expert in Forex, Derivatives & Crypto currency who has a track record of holding over 10,000 Seminars & Workshops across 8 countries in the world. The company believes that Blockchain & Crypto currency will help the masses with lowering costs and providing better and secure solutions The company has trained individual traders, senior corporate management teams, broking houses and members of derivative exchanges since 2002.

The company also provides advanced technical and analytical tools required by experienced traders to make better decisions. These tools are used by most of the traders on an ongoing basis after their workshops. Future1coin also help companies launch their own ICOs for which it has a tie-up with Sate Development and as a strategic partner to provide ICO Launch Services, setup Cryptocurrency exchange, wallet and Mining farm. Everyday more and more people are becoming interested in Cryptocurrency and ICO, however, there are tons of dishonest players and dozens of promising ICO announced half of which are just empty promises the sole purpose of the project being just to take away your money.

With Future1coin Community Voting & Comments ICO Platform members can expose Dodgy ICO with Fake teams and fraudulent Founders. Also, members can share promising ICO with the community so everyone will benefit.

Future1coin – Value for investors

Future1coin is popularly known as a members-only platform with a unique GPP (Group purchasing power) that allows its members to purchase the best ICO’s with high Token Ratings and at Coin Summits organised by the company and in the market at discounted prices.

The company is issuing 300 million trade tokens. The pre sale which commenced in December last year has been successfully closed. The ICO will run for a month between the 15th May and 15th June and Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoins (BTC) will be accepted for the ICO. The minimum transaction will be 0.1 ETH and 0.01 BTC Post ICO Future1Coin will be tradable on Etherdelta and/or other Crypto exchanges. The number of exchanges it will get listed will depend on the milestones reached during the ICO. The price on week 1 of ICO will be 6 cents thereafter the price will increase by 1 cent every week and on last week the price will be 9 cents.

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“Addressing the biggest barrier of crypto currency” Mr. Kishore M, Founder of Future1Coin

Mr. Kishore M, Founder of Future1Coin said, “We aim to address the biggest barrier of awareness in crypto currency and will become a singular marketplace providing all tools and functionalities required to participate in the world of Crypto currencies. We have successfully developed a ‘Future1Coin Forecast Engine’. This unique engine delivers highly accuracy Forex &
crypto forecasts for several timeframes.”

About Future1Coin:

Future1coin is a members-only platform with a unique GPP (Group purchasing power) that allows its members to purchase the best ICO’s with high Token Ratings, and at Coin Summits organized by the company and in the market at discounted prices. Founded by Kishore M, the company’s vision is to be the world’s leading platform for disruptive innovation opportunities and provider of Cryptocurrency education.

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